New Video for Erlend Øye & la Comitiva OUT NOW!


” This is the video for Paradiso! It’s made by Mike Beech who also made the video for Garota 5 years ago. He has directed AND filmed AND edited. Of course he has had an amazing crew of assistants and extras and actors here in Siracusa too….It didn’t start well for our filming, as the police came and stopped us and almost arrested me when we were filming in the morning hours in downtown Siracusa. On the other hand we did enjoy ourselves filming by the seaside and dancing on roofs, getting a serious tan in the process. Thank you Mike, thank Marcin, thank you Andrea. to you reading this: Please share the video if you like it. Even if its just sending to to one (1) friend. We are just a tiny record label without a big machinery behind, and the only way we can reach an audience is if our supporters support us. Oh yeah!”

From Erlend Øye Official facebook page 25.09.2019

Erlend Øye & la Comitiva on tour

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