Let Kommode in, and you’ll be consumed by “Analog Dance Music”, the first album by these Bergen-natives, that will fill the air with sounds ranging from samba to jazz, much like a continental wind wistfully blowing throughout their ten songs.

With Kommode, Eirik Glambek Bøe goes beyond the usual indie-minimalist pursuits expressed by Kings of Convenience.

Eirik describes a picture that sums up his concept behind the new band. Three friends are lined up on a dusty Norwegian gravel track, covered in sweat. The evening sun squeezes between the rooftops that surround a football pitch. The young men have just finished a match. It’s just child’s play, done for pure enjoyment. That was precisely what Glambek Bøe missed when it came to his music – playing just for the love of it. He attempts to play music his way: without a device, without interviews, mostly without concerts. Music for music’s sake. Kommode came out of that idea.

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30,00 + shipment


Kommode “Captain of a sinking ship”

Directed by Sigurd Fossen and William Glandberger August 4, 2017

Produced by [Fill In] Productions  Edited by Sigurd Fossen


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